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Horse Flooring in Saskatoon

The unbelievable benefits of Polylast in agriculture

One of the many joys of life is owning a horse. Taking care of it is another joy. If you love your horse, taking care of it is a priority. At Prosurfaces, we understand. That's why we sought out the best specialty coating for horse enthusiasts and horse lovers. Polylast is made to ensure that your horse is comfortable and safe.
There are many benefits when using Prosurfaces' Polylast horse flooring product! Here are a few:


• Reduces leg soreness by reducing the impact shock and concussion on horse hooves• Slip-resistant flooring• Your horse doesn't have to strain as much to maintain their footing reducing stress.• Suppresses noise for your horse by riding in a quieter atmosphere and reducing your horse's stress on the move.• Your horse stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.• It makes bedding in trailers obsolete thereby allowing the horse a cleaner stay and breathing better.• It prevents the growth of damaging bacteria• Reduces the chances of stains & odours caused by bacteria.• Stays cleaner longer between washings!

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Suggested Uses

• Horse trailer flooring• Wash rack flooring• Veterinary clinic flooring• Stall lining