Vinyl Decking vs Prosuraces Decking Materials

One of the reasons people prefer vinyl decking over wood is that it is easy to work with, it doesn't crack or split, it doesn't rot, its easier to clean, and it doesn't allow stain.  


The issues with vinyl decking are that while it promises to be maintenance free, it isn't.  A common issue with vinyl decking is a whiteish haze or chalkiness that develops on it over time.  Commonly called oxidization, which is caused by the sunlight UV rays.  The other issue is that it reflects heat.  This means that vinyl decking in spite of its promise to last a long time, it usually has a lifespan of 10 years.


The issues related to vinyl decking is solved by Prosurfaces's product offerings, while still achieving the benefits of vinyl decking.  Our products last 30 plus years, they are seamless which means that wear and tear are minimized, they are cool in the summer and are made to endure Canadian winters.  Compared to vinyl decking, Prosurfaces's products for a care free deck are superior.