Driveway & Parking Lot Surfacing.

Driveway and parking lot re-surfacing and general concrete waterproofing are made easy with Prosurfaces. Our solvent-free base-coat is odourless and can be applied without the use of gas-masks. Additionally, the durability of Flexstone withstands vehicular traffic for decades.


The waterproofing capabilities and inherent flexibility of Prosurfaces Saskatoon products allow the membrane to move with the shifting of the building’s foundation, ensuring that water will not be able to penetrate the surface and cause damage/rust the supporting re-bar.


Prosurfaces  Saskatoon products work great on driveways, residential garage floors, show-rooms, industrial floors and more.


Competitively priced, the toughest membrane on today’s market is the best choice for your waterproofing surface needs.