Traffic Coatings

Prosurfaces has a number of applications for industrial and commercial needs, particularly Flexstone.  Flexstone is the most durable and versatility on the marketplace today. It is now being used as an applications for traffic coatings in vehicle parkades, suspended slabs, and garage floors.

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The benefits of Flexstone by Prosurfaces are numerous, including:

  • Longer lasting coating
  • It prevents leaks as there are no seams.
  • Reduces maintenance costs as it eliminates leaks in concrete foundations, rusting of re-bar in the concrete, and cracking of concrete.  
  • Improves the structure of a building.
  • Flexstone is applied thicker than other membranes.
  • It will outlast any other traffic coatings on the market and is competitive in price.
  • Flexstone will not dry out or crack. Our coatings move with the natural shifts in a building's foundation.
  • The Flexstone membrane will remain watertight for years even if the concrete cracks.