New Construction

Prosurfaces product offering, Flexstone, is a great application for all waterproofing needs including sundecks, flat roofs, and any other surface living space. It was created to endure through Canada's severe weather and diverse weather conditions. 

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It is CCMC approved for use across Canada for major construction projects.  From the lumber to the concrete to the siding, all products must have government approval. Up until Flexstone was granted their approval number, the only membranes approved for use on sundecks were vinyl, and the flame applied torch-on method. These products came with flaws.  Flexstone has solved these flaws:

Flexstone doesn't have  seams avoiding breakage 

It avoids leaks

Without seams, it is aesthetically more appealing to this coating. 

It reduces costs.

As a result of its benefits, we have seen an increase in users from engineers to architects.  

Prosurface's Flexstone product offers a great alternative for consumers and builders when it comes to waterproofing methods. Less labour intensive, a better price point, better reliability, eco-friendly, and better aesthetics are making Flexstone coatings the best option on the market today.