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Revamp Your Home Exterior!

Your summer deserves it.

Compared to vinyl decking material, Prosurfaces waterproofing deck products are seamless, longer lasting than vinyl, cooler in the summer and are more durable and you will find Prosurfaces is your least expensive deck waterproof option in the long run.
Our products last up to 30 years and are resistant to scuffs and are made to handle Canadian winters. Our product can be laid over top of the existing deck in most circumstances.

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No Project Too Big Or Small!

From pads to parking lots & driveways

A common question asked by many homeowners is should I replace or fix my driveway? Well, one more consideration is to resurface your driveway.

The reason for considering resurfacing your driveway is that the cost to replace your driveway can be really expensive. And while the cost of patching and fixing cracks and wholes is cost-effective in the short run, it only delays the inevitable. You also have to consider the age of the asphalt driveway. If your driveway is approaching 20 to 25 years, its probably time to re-do it. Or is it?

The alternative is driveway resurfacing by Prosurfaces. Prosurfaces has the latest in driveway resurfacing technology. More advanced then rubber resurfacing, Prosurfaces's Flexstone and Polylast products are more advanced with significant benefits.

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An Unprecedented Warranty!

From pads to parking lots & driveways

Prosurface products are warrantied for a period of 10 years (5 + 5). This protects the customer from faulty product in the case of leaks due to the membrane failing (which really never happens).
Most Prosurface dealers will offer an extended warranty that covers any problems with workmanship, but regardless, we have your back and are proud to stand by our amazing coatings.