The benefits of Prosurfaces decking material compared to Vinyl decking.

The benefits of Prosurfaces decking material compared to Vinyl decking.

Years ago, the options for building your deck was wood or stone.  However, vinyl decking became an option a number of years ago.   

The benefits of vinyl decking which is matched by Prosurfaces decking material are:

  • Vinyl decking and Prosurfaces decking material are strong and resistant to wear and tear.  Having said that, Prosurfaces decking material lasts significantly longer than that of vinyl decking.
  • Vinyl decking and our decking materials won't cause splinters like wood. 
  • Vinyl decking mimics wood ingraining while Prosurfaces decking material provides a wide selection of colours and designs.
  • Vinyl decking is easy to work with and proven material in the decking industry.   Prosurfaces decking material shares this benefit and is CCMC approved.
  • Vinyl decking, like Prosurfaces decking material, comes in a variety of colours. 

The problems with vinyl decking, which Prosurfaces decking material has overcome is as follows:

  • Vinyl decking can be slick.
  • Vinyl decking may fade.
  • Vinyl decking needs to be regularly cleaned.
  • Vinyl decking is more expensive, whereas Prosurfaces decking materials last for 30 plus years making the total cost less prohibitive than vinyl decking.
  • Vinyl decking finishes such as end caps, trim pieces, and fasteners and screws can increase the cost significantly. 
  • Vinyl decking is not biodegradable.
  • In order to install vinyl decking you have to remove the existing surface, were Prosurfaces decking material can be laid over top of the existing surface be it vinyl, wood or stone.