Sundeck Coatings

Flexstone in Saskatoon

Flexstone is a thick, rubberized, eco-friendly cold applied coating designed for applications on sundecks, flat roofs, and more. It is versatile, long-lasting, and resistant to freezing temperatures and heavy traffic. The finish coats are also 100% UV stable and fade resistant.

Flexstone is fully approved for use over living space (ie. flat roofs and decks) in all of Canada by
CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Center). Flexstone has undergone and passed all the same tests as Torch-on SBS roofing.

Some cautionary advice when choosing a waterproof coating for your sundeck or flat roof deck

To ensure that you are selecting a reliable and long-lasting membrane to waterproof your deck or roof, it is always good to first check that the product has been tested and approved by CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Center). By completing this simple search, you can save an enormous amount of time and disappointment. Approvals by CCMC ensure that the product meets national building code standards. This ensures that you will not have any issues with inspectors and or engineers and that the product will not fail. To verify that a product has approvals, just visit the CCMC's website at the following link: CCMC Registry of Construction Product Evaluations

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New Construction Market


Flexstone membranes are undeniably the most durable sundeck coatings on the market today. Flexstone was originally formulated for use on ski-resort decks as a membrane that could hold up to severe weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. The overall success of the coatings led to an expansion to other industrial markets like parkades and industrial flooring.

Because Flexstone was able to handle heavy foot and vehicle traffic and dramatic temperature changes we decided to pursue the sundeck coatings market. Because of the previous trials on ski resort and ship decks, we know for certain that Flexstone will last indefinitely on residential sundecks.