New Construction Market

Flexstone in Saskatoon

Flexstone is a thick, rubberized, eco-friendly cold applied coating designed for applications on sundecks, flat roofs, and more. It is versatile, long-lasting, and resistant to freezing temperatures and heavy traffic. The finish coats are also 100% UV stable and fade resistant.

Flexstone is fully approved for use over living space (ie. flat roofs and decks) in all of Canada by
CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Center). Flexstone has undergone and passed all the same tests as Torch-on SBS roofing.


In 2014, Flexstone was granted full CCMC approvals for applications on sundecks, flat roofs, and any other surface living space. This gives customers the confidence in Flexstone’s reliability and durability in Canada's severe weather. In addition to the peace of mind the approvals bring, it also opens up a market in the new construction market.
Across Canada, major construction projects are usually comprised of CCMC approved products. From the lumber to the concrete to the siding, all products must have government approval. Up until Flexstone was granted their approval number, the only membranes approved for use on sundecks were vinyl, and the flame applied torch-on method. This method came with some flaws, but our product has found a better alternative without these flaws.

Green Roofing

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Sundeck Coatings

Traffic Coatings


Both torch-on and vinyl have exposed seams. These seams can be prone to breakage, and with these types of membranes, it is the most common cause of leaks which is definitely something builders do not need to go wrong on a new construction project. Flexstone helps solve these problems for builders as it is a liquid applied coating that leaves no seam. This product being 100 percent seamless also adds to the aesthetics of this coating. When it comes to the use of torch-on for residential sundecks, this is very time consuming and not to mention very labour intensive and can be dangerous. This danger can also increase insurance costs which increase the bottom line for contractors and therefore this cost is passed down to consumers which can increase the expense to them.

Recently there has been an increase in users, and we are seeing more engineers and architects recommending the use of Flexstone for their projects’ that require sundecks and flat roofs. This has opened up doors for Flexstone dealers and helped our dealers grow their business. These dealers are now quoting large jobs with stamps of approvals. Flexstone offers a great alternative for consumers and builders when it comes to waterproofing methods. Less labour intensive, a better price point, better reliability, eco-friendly, and better aesthetics are making Flexstone coatings the best option on the market today.